Contemporary Topics
Encyclopedia of China Online
Encyclopedia of China Online (Brill)


A comprehensive reference work on China, focusing on the modern period from the mid-19th century to the 21st century


Chinese Research Perspectives Online
Chinese Research Perspectives Online (Brill)


Provides up-to-date information on six contemporary issues in China, including economics, education, environment, law, population, and society; authored by China’s top scholars and translated into English


EMIS University (EMIS)


An extraordinary business intelligence database on the world’s emerging markets, including China. Offers access to reports, financial statements, information, news, data and analysis on 3.6+ million companies, 250+ industry sectors and 125+ countries

Propaganda and the Chinese Press
Propaganda and the Chinese Press (Readex)

With more than 170 foreign and 31 domestic bureaus, Xinhua, or New China News Agency, has a broad reach in China and around the world. And as the official organ of China’s Communist Party, it’s long provided the country’s perspective on international issues and events. Now, for the first time, a wide-ranging archive of articles published by Xinhua between 1946 and 1996 is available in English through Propaganda and the Chinese Press—a vital digital resource for researchers seeking to understand the role that Communist mass media played in Chinese culture, the Cold War, and 20th-century world history.

Historical Topics
China Encyclopedic Reference
China Encyclopedic Reference (Brill)


A collection for full-text searchable reference works, including Brill’s Encyclopedia of China Online, A Biographical Dictionary of the Qin, Former Han and Xin Periods, A Biographical Dictionary of the Later Han to the Three Kingdoms and Ancient and Early Medieval Chinese Literature

Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports, 1974–1996 – Region 3: China
Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports, 1974–1996 – Region 3: China (Readex)


Access to thousands of twentieth-century news articles and radio transcripts from China, all translated into English

North China Herald Online
North China Herald Online (Brill)


The English-language North China Herald is the prime printed source in any language for the history of the foreign presence in China from around 1850 to 1940s. During this so-called ‘treaty century’ (1842-1943) the Western Powers established a strong presence in China through their protected enclaves in major cities. It was published weekly in Shanghai, at the heart of China’s encounter with the Euro-American world in a city at the forefront of developments in Chinese politics, culture, education and the economy. As the official journal for British consular notifications, and announcements of the Shanghai Municipal Council, it is the first -- and sometimes only -- point of reference for information and comment on a range of foreign and Chinese activities. Regularly it also features translations of Chinese official notifications and news.

Translations of the Peking Gazette Online
Translations of the Peking Gazette Online (Brill) NEW

Translations of the Peking Gazette Online is a comprehensive database of approximately 8,500 pages of English-language renderings of official edicts and memorials from the Qing dynasty that cover China’s long nineteenth century from the Macartney Mission in 1793 to the abdication of the last emperor in 1912. As the mouthpiece of the government, the Peking Gazette is the authoritative source for information about the Manchu state and its Han subjects as they collectively grappled with imperial decline, re-engaged with the wider world, and began mapping the path to China’s contemporary rise.

Chinese Students’ Monthly Online
Chinese Students’ Monthly Online (Brill)


The online edition of the first magazine published by Chinese nationals studying in the United States between 1906 to 1931


Compilation of Chinese Medicine Periodicals Online, 1897–1952
Compilation of Chinese Medicine Periodicals Online, 1897-1952 (Brill) NEW


The Compilation of Chinese Medicine Periodicals Online, 1897-1952 is a collection of 49 periodicals on Chinese medicine published in the late Qing and Republican periods in China. This collection includes 212 books in 5 parts of more than 120,000 pages. The late Qing and Republican eras are crucial periods to the development of medicine and science in China. Considered one of the best sources for observing the changing nature of medical practice and education during the late Qing and Republican eras in China, this collection provides unique insight into not only the modern transformation of Chinese medicine, but also the larger role of medicine in Chinese society. This collection includes published documents authored by prominent figures both in support of, and opposed to, Chinese medicine.

North China Daily News Online
North China Daily News Online (Brill) NEW


Published, except for a wartime break 1941-45, from 1864 to 1950, the North China Daily News (in Chinese: Zilin Xibao), was the most influential foreign daily in East Asia. It constitutes the key source for the history of Western interests in China for most of China’s so-called ‘century of national humiliation’, ca.1839-1949, and of the transnational history of East Asia.

North China Standard Online
North China Standard Online (Brill) NEW

In Japan’s network of newspapers presenting the national case for expansion and leadership in Asia, the North China Standard (in Chinese, Huabei zheng bao) stands alongside the Japan Times & Mail as a real newspaper, distributing real news written by real journalists. Derided as a propaganda rag when it first began publication in December 1919, the Standard read better, and investigated and reported better quality news to a steadily growing readership in post-WW1 China and Japan. It was also a representative newspaper chosen for international conferences and delivered gratis to all delegates.

The Hongkong News Online
The Hongkong News Online (Brill) NEW

The Japanese Occupation holding of The Hongkong News started publication in 1941, right after the Christmas Day surrender of the British Crown colony, and lasted up to August 17, 1945, the very last week before Hongkong's liberation. The paper had previously launched in ca.1940 at separate premises in the Crown colony. This complete run of The Hongkong News as published during the Japanese Occupation offers scholars the voice of Japan from Hongkong, a voice rightly described as 'a close, unvarnished, daily view of the recolonizing mind-set of the new masters of East Asia'. The Hongkong News was scanned from an immaculate original and is now available online for the first time with full-text-searchable functionality.


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