Online Resources
Chinese-English Dictionary Online
Chinese-English Dictionary Online (Brill)


The online edition of A Student’s Dictionary of Classical and Medieval Chinese, a practical lexicon of approximately 6,500 characters


Encyclopedia of Chinese Language and Linguistics Online
Encyclopedia of Chinese Language and Linguistics Online (Brill)


The definitive reference work on all aspects of the Chinese language


Le Grand Ricci Online
Le Grand Ricci Online (Brill)


The most comprehensive up-to-date dictionary of Chinese in a modern Western language (all explanations and translations in French)


The Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law Online
The Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law Online (Brill) NEW


The Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law (Chinese-English, French), developed by the Ricci Association since 2006, is the very first trilingual dictionary on Chinese law. The dictionary includes approximately 24,000 legal terms in Chinese (legal terms per se as well as terms which are often used in a legal context), as well as English and French translations of these terms. A team of around 40 French, Chinese and English-speaking lawyers, scholars, law students and proofreaders contributed to the dictionary under the supervision and guidance of the Ricci Association.


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