Coherent Digital develops next-generation online resources for education, libraries, and professionals. They combine the best content—much of which is “wild” and has never been formally published—with tools to make it useful.

Launching in Q3 2020, Coherent Digital is delighted to announce the forthcoming release of two outstanding new electronic resources for academic libraries:

  • Policy Commons; and

  • Mindscape Commons.

Coherent Digital
Policy Commons
Policy Commons

Policy Commons is the largest and most comprehensive content-and-discovery platform and community resource for public policy.  On launch, it will deliver more than 2.5 million reports, working papers, policy briefs, data sources, and media drawn from a directory of more than 5,000 IGOs, NGOs, think tanks, and research centers. It will continually grow and is expected to give access to 5 million items by end-2021.

Policy Commons will include content sourced frequently from major organizations, such as OECD, UN, World Bank, IMF, FAO, WHO, and EU, and supplement with output from smaller critical players, such as Environmental Law Institute, Conservation Strategy, and Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Some 25% of the items are premium books, reports, statistics, summaries, and archival material that can be found online only in Policy Commons.

Furthermore, Policy Commons offers registered librarians and faculty the ability upload items and links, creating their own space for research and collaboration. It is set to be the world's largest community platform for policy researchers, practitioners and students.

For more information about Policy Commons or to request a free 30-day trial upon launch, please contact us.

Policy Commons
Mindscape Commons
Mindscape Commons

Mindscape Commons is the world’s first online resource for immersive and interactive content in mental health. It presents over 200 virtual reality (VR) experiences, together with documentation and tools to help clinicians, faculty, students, and researchers in counseling, social work, psychology, sociology, and related programs.

Mindscape Commons delivers:

  • Better treatments—with therapies for conditions including addiction, PTSD, phobias, anxiety, and suicidal feelings, as well as issues made more important by recent world events, including bereavement and social isolation.      

  • Better clinical skills—by giving students deeper understanding of dispositional and clinical reactions; safely immersing them in realistic, high-risk situations; and letting them repeat experiences for mastery.

  • Better research—through VR experiences, which let researchers measure empathy, implicit bias, comprehension, efficacy, and other factors; and tools to document and share what’s been learned.

  • Increased empathy and understanding—by letting the user walk in another’s shoes; through feeling what it’s like to be bullied, to have Alzheimer’s, or to suffer from depression or anxiety; by experiencing homelessness, immigration challenges, and racism, through immersion and interactivity.

Mindscape Commons includes:

  • VR Microcases: Created by Mindscape and available nowhere else, these microcases beat textbooks because they’re authentic, immersive, and experiential. Developed with leading therapists, each four-minute case shows a presenting emotion—anger, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, identity, relationship issues, trauma, grief, and others—comprising a growing “virtual library of emotions” that educators and clinicians can experience on demand.

  • Interactive Simulations: Also created by Mindscape and available only in this resource are 15-minute interactive simulations which are easy to embed and assign in coursework. Videos address empathy, goal setting, positive regard, alliance ruptures, stages of change, culture, coping style, client preferences, religion and spirituality, managing counter-transference, evaluating suicidal thinking, and other critical topics.  Viewers engage and interact to identify the client’s issue, predict the best pathway forward, and anticipate the client’s response.

For more information about Mindscape Commons or to request a free 30-day trial upon launch, please contact us.

Mindscape Commons

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