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New ebook series available from Brill: Novum Testamentum Supplements Online

This month Brill launches the electronic version of its well-known and respected book series in Biblical studies, Novum Testamentum Supplements Online.

Every monograph published in the Novum Testamentum Supplements series is now available in an ebook collection on the Brill Online Books and Journals platform, beginning with the first volume published in 1963 and including more than 150 titles. Additional titles will be uploaded annually.

Last year’s launch of the ebook series Brill’s Studies in Intellectual History Online received a positive response from the marketplace, prompting Brill to provide digital access to other selected popular book series, including Novum Testamentum Supplements Online this month, as well as the Vetus Testamentum Supplements series which is to be launched online later this year.

Scholars will welcome the availability and extra features offered in the online versions of these extraordinary texts. With attractive pricing available, Brill has made these collections affordable for libraries to add to their holdings.

About Brill's new ebook series

Novum Testamentum Supplements Online includes monographs and essay collections that make original and significant contributions to the field of New Testament studies.

Vetus Testamentum Supplements Online (available later in 2014) covers the entire range of Old Testament study including Septuaginta studies, Ugaritic research relevant to the study of the Old Testament, Hebrew studies, studies in ancient Israelite history and society, and studies in the discipline’s history.

Brill's Studies in Intellectual History Online comprises new approaches to history, the history of philosophy, politics and theology, and the history of ideas.

For more information on these new ebook series from Brill, please contact Bezi.


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