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New Database Releases in 2018

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

2018 is an amazing year for new database releases from our publishers. In this month's blog, Bezi will introduce you to some terrific new databases from Brill, De Gruyter, EMIS and Readex.

If you see something you like, contact Bezi today to request a free 30-day trial for your library.

Asian Studies

Compilation of Chinese Medicine Periodicals Online, 1897–1952 (Brill)

Released in March 2018, Brill’s Compilation of Chinese Medicine Periodicals Online, 1897–1952 is a new primary source collection of 49 periodicals on Chinese medicine published in the late Qing and Republican periods in China. It includes 212 volumes in five parts, comprising more than 120,000 pages.

All periodicals have been sourced from 50+ libraries to create a new archive for academic research. The titles in this compilation are among the oldest, most influential and authoritative of all scholarship on Chinese medicine from the late Qing and Republican periods. Printed copies are rare and aged. As an online archive, this compilation has important reference value and unique academic significance for research on Chinese medicine, as well as Chinese culture, history and society. All digitised materials in this collection appear in traditional Chinese; however, English metadata and overviews are provided with a full-text search capability.


EMIS University (EMIS)

EMIS University is the world's most trusted source of business intelligence on emerging markets. It has undergone a huge content expansion in the past 12 months with the number of company profiles increasing from 1.9+ million to 3.6+ million. This includes 400,000 Chinese companies and 950,000 Indian companies, representing a significant boost to the available data on our regional trading partners in Emerging Asia.

EMIS University continues to provide a wealth of knowledge on 250+ industry sectors in 125+ countries. Their editors collate information from a multitude of sources, including 9,000+ business publications, 540,000+ research reports per year, and 58,000 business news articles daily. The EMIS interface supports researchers with graphing tools, exportable data, and a translation function for HTML content.

Byzantine Studies

Basilica Online (Brill)

Basilica Online is the online edition of the 17-volume Basilica text. Released in April 2018, this new major reference work is considered the single-most important source for Byzantine law throughout the period of the Byzantine empire, and is a major source for Byzantine studies more broadly. The online edition is full-text searchable in both Latin and Greek, and a detailed introduction can be viewed online here under “New Praefatio”.


Energy Online (De Gruyter)

Energy Online is your new one-stop-shop for research on Energy across multiple disciplines. Released in April 2018, this new online reference work allows for easy access to all De Gruyter content about Energy, covering the fields of science, architecture, economics and politics. Topics include: Biomass & Biofuels; Carbon Capture & Storage; Climate Change; Energy Conversion & Storage; Hydrogen Storage; Oil; Smart Grids; Solar Energy; and Wind Energy.

As a special introductory offer to all libraries worldwide, De Gruyter has made Energy Online free to access in 2018! Access is available right now via this link. Pricing will apply from 2019 onwards, so we recommend setting up access within your library catalogue as an "extended trial" for the 2018 calendar year.


Enzymes Online (De Gruyter)

Enzymes Online is a tailored compilation on enzymology as it applies to a range of disciplines, such as biology, medicine, physics, mathematics and engineering. Coverage includes enzyme characterisation and classification, as well as applications in biology, medicine, the laboratory, and much more. Released in April 2018, the user interface offers easy browsing via enzyme type or via a topic tree.


Readex is proud to release a new family of digital resources for 20th-century international studies. The following ten collections are taken from the archives of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and comprise transcriptions of world news and radio broadcasts, all translated into English.

Each collection provides unprecedented access to first-hand reports of key historical events of the 20th century, offering context and insight into today's contemporary political issues.

World Biographical Information System (WBIS) Online (De Gruyter)

WBIS Online is the world's largest digital collection of biographical sources. It offers 8.4 million biographical articles on 6 million people, from all eras and countries of the world. Relaunched with a new user interface and content expansions in late 2017, this extraordinary archive of biographical information is an indispensible tool for historical and cultural research across all continents. WBIS Online is built from 29 regional archives, all digitised from the original biographical archives of K.G. Saur, which have been in publication since 1559 through to the present day.

Religious Studies

Brill's Encyclopedia of Sikhism Online (Brill)

Did you know there are 125,000+ Sikhs in Australia and 20,000+ Sikhs in New Zealand? This rapidly growing religion is historically connected to South Asia, but has grown to achieve a worldwide presence. Brill's new major reference work on Sikhs and Sikh traditions offers in-depth critical scholarship on this significant field of research. Out now.

Index Buddicus Online (Brill)

Brill's Index Buddhicus Online is the first classified comprehensive bibliography of Buddhist Studies. It describes secondary material ranging from articles, papers and chapters appearing in journals, proceedings and collections, through reference works, monographs, editions and theses, to digital resources. All entries are linked to an elaborate index of both proper names and thematic, and cross referenced to related material. Out now.

Science and Technology

Spark (De Gruyter)

Released in April 2018, Spark is De Gruyter's new e-textbook database for studies in Physics, Materials Science, Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry. Importantly, the e-textbooks presented in this database are live, in that they will be regularly updated as the science changes. The user interface offers a bookshelf experience, so that students can quickly select the e-textbook they need via its cover image. A browsing tree is also available, enabling users to explore all topics with ease.

Theatre Studies

Nineteenth-Century American Drama: Popular Culture and Entertainment, 1820–1900 (Readex)

The new Nineteenth-Century American Drama collection from Readex contains virtually every play published over an 80-year period, with more than 4,700 works in total. It fills a major gap in institutional collections and enables new discoveries about US culture across all classes of society.

This exceptional new resource features historical plays, melodramas, political satires, black minstrel shows, comic operas, musical extravaganzas, parlour entertainments, adaptations of novels, and other dramatic works. The first portion of the collection is now available, with more content to be digitised throughout the year.

Forthcoming in 2018 ...

  • American Underworld: The Flash Press – Crime, Scandal and Blackmail Papers of the 19th Century (Readex)

  • Brill's Encyclopedia of Buddhism Online

  • British Contributions to International Law Online, 1915–2015 (Brill)

  • Cuban Culture and Cultural Relations Part 2: Writers (Brill)

  • Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible Online (Brill)

  • History of Global Christianity Online (Brill)

  • International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law Online (Brill)

  • Max Planck Commentary on World Trade Law Online (Brill)

  • Peshitta Online (Syriac translation of the Old Testament) (Brill)

  • The Ricci Trilingual Dictionary of Chinese Law (Chinese-English-French) (Brill)

  • Territorial Papers of the United States, 1764–1953 (Readex)

  • ... and much, much more!

Keep on eye on Bezi's Twitter page for new release updates throughout the year.

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