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CEIC Launch at Bezi

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Announcement: Bezi appointed as the new local representative for CEIC Data University

As of February 2020, ISI Emerging Markets Group has appointed Bezi Publishing Services as their authorised representative in Australia and New Zealand to promote CEIC Data University, the most complete and deepest suite of macroeconomic datasets available for academic research.

What is CEIC Data University?

CEIC Data University helps students and researchers alike to navigate the dynamic world of macroeconomic data. Users can explore the most complete set of 5.5+ million time series, covering 200 economies, 20 industries, and 18 macroeconomic sectors, with data continuously updated in near-real time. Drawing from 1,500 reputable sources worldwide, all data points within the resource are subject to strict quality controls to ensure accuracy and standardisation to ensure comparability. A sample of the indicators covered in the database can be viewed here. CEIC Data University comprises a suite of cutting-edge datasets, including:

Global Database image link

The gold standard in macroeconomic research, providing researchers with unparalleled access to 3.8+ million time series for 200+ countries

World Trend Plus image link

Presents 300,000+ time series on worldwide and regional macroeconomic trends, featuring comparative data and standardised benchmarks for 16 world regions

Premium Databases image link

The definitive resources for understanding the world's most dynamic economies, with in-depth data on:

Brazil: 345,000+ time series

China: 344,000+ time series

India: 479,000+ time series

Indonesia: 385,000+ time series

Russia: 229,000+ time series

CEIC Data University user interface

The user interface for CEIC Data University is searchable, browseable, and interactive. Users can choose from millions of standardised data points and create customised graphs. All content can be exported for further research.

CEIC Data University Coronavirus Monitor

In addition to the standard datasets on CEIC Data University, users can access a range of pre-set data queries for popular topics. For example, CEIC Data's interactive Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Monitor can be viewed for free online here.

Watch the introductory video on CEIC Data University on YouTube (1:44).

We are delighted to welcome CEIC Data University to Bezi and we look forward to helping your library discover their outstanding range of macroeconomic data and tools. To learn more about CEIC Data University, or to request a trial or a quote, please contact Bezi.


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