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NewsBank: Electronic resources for Australian public libraries

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

How do your library patrons access the news?

Sydney Morning Herald (front cover; 20th May 2019)

Access to news information is critical in today's world. The news can shape and influence the society in which we live, as well as play an important role in our economy and our political discourse.

NewsBank offers electronic resources to public libraries to assist patrons with access to news information.


New Image Editions from NewsBank

The AGe (front cover; 17th May 2019)

In a game-changer for news databases, NewsBank is thrilled to announce the introduction of Image Editions for:

  • The Sydney Morning Herald +The Sun-Herald 21 August 2018 – today

  • The Age + The Sunday Age 21 August 2018 – today

  • The Canberra Times 17 December 2018 – today

Backfiles start from the dates above and will build up daily on an ongoing basis; the back issues will not expire during an active subscription.

The Image Editions of these newspapers are now available as an optional extra with any 12-month subscription to NewsBank's Access Australia database:

Access Australia from NewsBank

Access Australia

Designed especially for public libraries, Access Australia offers web-based access to the largest full-text collection of Australian newspapers available anywhere online.

Access Australia provides patrons with text-based access to 37+ million articles from 580+ Australian newspapers, dating as early as the 1980s through to today. It includes:

  • major state and national titles, such as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian

  • local, community and regional publications, like NewsLocal, Leader, Messenger, Quest and Community Newspapers

In addition, the database now features 200,000+ full-text obituaries and death notices from Fairfax's Australian newspapers, dating as early as 2011 through to today.


Take a look today!

Canberra Times (front cover; 18th May 2019)

We invite your public library to evaluate NewsBank's Access Australia, plus one of the new Image Editions, by requesting a free 30-day trial.

Simply contact info@bezi.com.au with your library's IP address(es) and we'll arrange a free 30-day trial open to both staff and patrons. A usage report will be provided at the conclusion of the trial.