Our library has lost access to one of our e-resources. What do we do?


Please contact us at the earliest opportunity with a description of the problem and, if possible, a screen-shot. We will then liaise with the publisher’s technical staff on your behalf until your library's access has been restored.



How do I generate the usage statistics for my library’s holdings?


In most cases, COUNTER-compliant usage reports are available for librarians to download at any time via a self-service portal from each publisher. Please contact us for the URL and your library’s administrator login details. Alternatively, we can obtain any usage reports you may need on request.

For NewsBank and Readex usage reports, please head to: https://stats.newsbank.com/



Where do I find the title list for a particular collection?


Please contact us to request a title list for any collection you see listed on the Bezi website. Alternatively, title lists can be downloaded via each of the publisher’s websites, as follows:




     De Gruyter


  • To request the latest source list for EMIS University, please contact us.


  • Current subscribers: Navigate to https://infoweb.newsbank.com/ and select the ‘Publication’ tab

  • New enquiries: To request the latest title list for any NewsBank collection, please contact us.

      Peter Lang





Where can I download the MARC records for a particular collection?




      British Online Archives

      De Gruyter

  • Go to https://www.degruyter.com and search for a given ebook package or database. MARC records can be found under the 'Details' tab the webpage for any e-product.



      Peter Lang

  • MARC records are provided on request. Please contact us with your requirements.


  • For selected collections where MARC records are available, a one-time fee may be applicable. Please contact us for pricing and access details.



My library’s IP addresses/ranges have changed. How do I update our details?


Brill, British Online Archives, De Gruyter and Peter Lang each provide a self-service administration portal to each library. Librarians can update their institution's IP addresses/ranges by logging into the portal. Please contact us for the URL and your library’s administrator login details.

For CEIC, EMIS, NewsBank and Readex, please supply us with your library’s new IP addresses/ranges. We will then arrange to update your library’s account with each publisher’s technical staff.


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