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World Cup Fever! Tracing the origins of soccer in Brazil

As a rising global power, Brazil has received a large share of international news coverage during the past few years. Now with the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicking off this month, the media spotlight has returned to the world’s fifth largest country, a land where soccer is the most popular sport and whose national team has won the most World Cup titles.

But where does all this football talent come from? How and why did soccer – or futebol as it is known there – become Brazil’s top sport? Although the full story of Brazil’s infatuation with football remains unclear, Charles Miller’s major role in fostering interest is supported by a search of Readex's Latin American Newspapers, Series 1 and 2, 1805-1922.

To read more about Charles Miller and his influence in Brazil, please visit The Readex Blog here.

To request a trial of Readex's Latin American Newspapers, Series 1 and 2, 1805-1922, please contact Bezi for further information.


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