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Out now: Niermeyer Online – Dictionary of Medieval Latin

Widely regarded as the best concise dictionary of Medieval Latin in existence, Niermeyer's famous Mediae Latinitatis Lexicon Minus is now available online. Brill's Niermeyer Online offers access to over 17,000 terms from Medieval Latin, covering the period from 550 to 1150 AD.

All definitions in Niermeyer Online are offered in English, French and German, and context for each term is provided by way of explanations and quotations. The content is full-text searchable, with autofill technology in use to assist users with the spelling of each Latin word. Cross-links are provided throughout and a word-wheel is displayed in a side panel to faciliate the browsing of new words.

Niermeyer Online is an indispensible tool for students and scholars of Latin, Classics and Medieval History. For more information and to request a free 30-day institutional trial, contact Bezi today.


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