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New from Readex: The Washington Evening Star, 1852–1981

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Washington Evening Star, 1852–1981

For over a century, the Washington Evening Star was widely regarded as the 'newspaper of record' of the United States' capital city. Founded in 1852, this long-running daily afternoon paper was one of the highest profile publications in the U.S., and by the 1930s its coverage of national politics made it the nation’s number one paper in advertising revenue. By the mid-20th century – a period marked by McCarthyism, landmark Civil Rights legislation and the beginning of the space race – the Star reached its zenith in local circulation and national influence. Between 1944 and 1981, Star writers, reporters and cartoonists accumulated 10 Pulitzer Prizes.

Researchers frequently make the anachronistic mistake of presuming that today's dominant newspaper was the dominant one of the past. Yet this is not often the case ... the Washington Post, famous for bringing down a President in the 1970s, played second fiddle to the Washington Evening Star prior to the 1960s.

– James McGrath Morris, author of Pulitzer: A Life in Politics, Print, and Power

Readex's fully searchable, full-image edition of the Washington Evening Star provides a cover-to-cover archive of this major American newspaper's 128-year run. Students and scholars will have easy access to fresh perspectives on such topics as the Dred Scott decision, Lincoln assassination, founding of the National Woman Suffrage Association, establishment of the Civil Service, absorption of Georgetown into Washington, Supreme Court ruling of separate but equal', entry of American women into public life, Works Progress Administration, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, Cuban Missile Crisis, decades of civil rights and anti-war demonstrations in D.C., and much more. Also found within are thousands of nationally significant and visually compelling illustrations, political cartoons, and photographs.

For more information on this significant collection or to request a free 30-day institutional trial, please contact Bezi.

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