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Obituaries from Fairfax newspapers now available via NewsBank

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Obituaries are one of the most requested pieces of information in public libraries. We are pleased to announce that NewsBank's online news databases Access Australia and Access World News now include full-text searchable access to 180,000 obituaries from over 100 Fairfax newspapers nationwide.

Online access is available to death and funeral notices from major national titles such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, as well as dozens of local community titles from around the country. For the majority of titles, users can retrieve obituaries from the past 18 months, but in some cases, access to the archives extends up to six years. New obituaries will be added daily on an ongoing basis.

Obituaries provide a wealth of valuable information regarding one's life story, family members, achievements, occupations, avocations, education, military service, religious affiliations and more.

Each obituary is individually indexed, providing the newspaper's title, date, city, state and page number. In addition, an intuitive, map-based interface enables users to search specific cities, states, regions or the entire country. Easy-to-use search fields, including name, publication date and keyword, enable patrons and librarians to pinpoint specific information. NewsBank's powerful search engine supports full-text, Boolean, proximity and wildcard searches, and new content is added daily.

Online Collections from NewsBank

Obituaries from more than 100 Australian newspapers published by Fairfax can be found in the following online collections from NewsBank.

With content from over 500 newspapers, Access Australia is the largest collection of Australian news content available to libraries. Featuring major national titles such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, this full-text online resource provides patrons with access to a vast range of local, community and regional titles from all states and territories. More Info | Request Pricing | Request Trial

NewsBank's flagship resource, Access World News, is the world's most comprehensive full-text news resource. With content from over 10,000 newspapers and news sources, this unparalleled collection offers access to half a billion news articles from around the globe, with coverage from as early as the 1980s through to the present day. More Info | Request Pricing | Request Trial

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