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British Online Archives: new releases

British Online Archives logo

British Online Archives is one of the UK's leading academic publishers, with 100+ primary source collections for researchers to delve into. They curate and digitise sought-after archives across a broad range of themes, such as media, culture, politics, religion, and colonialism to name a few.


New Releases

British Illustrated Periodicals logo, featuring antique magazine covers from The Tatler, London Life and The Sketch.

British Government Information and Propaganda logo featuring images from old posters.
  • Details what successive British governments wanted their citizens to know, think, and do in the post-war period, and what image of Britain they wanted to project to the rest of the world

  • Contains a carefully curated selection of publicity and propaganda materials, such as posters, stickers, pamphlets and booklets on public health, education, policing, social security, and much more

  • Comprises 27,000+ images sourced from the British Library

Records from Bethlem Royal Hospital logo, featuring a coloured line drawing of Bethlem Royal Hospital.
  • Known as "Bedlam", Bethlem Royal Hospital was a notorious psychiatric facility

  • Its records include admission, discharge, and death registers, male and female patient casebooks, criminal casebooks, and much more

  • The collection explores how mental illness was conceptualised, diagnosed, treated and mistreated from the 16th to the 20th century

  • Comprises 130,000+ images curated in association with Findmypast and the Bethlem Museum of the Mind

  • All handwritten items are fully transcribed


Popular Collections

Australia in Records from Colonial Missionaries logo, featuring a photo of the Sydney Opera House being lit up with Aboriginal artwork.
  • Includes missionary letters, journals and materials from branch locations in Adelaide, Melbourne, North Queensland, Perth, Sydney, and Tasmania

  • Covers colonial relations with First Nations Australians, and the development of the Church of Australia

  • Comprises 19,500+ pages sourced from the Bodleian Library

New Zealand & Polynesian Records from Colonial Missionaries logo, featuring a black and white photo of a bay surrounded by mountains, as well as a prominent piece of islander artwork
  • Includes missionary letters, journals and supplementary material from branch locations in New Zealand and Polynesia

  • Covers colonial relations with Māori and Pacific Islanders, and the progress of the mission in New Zealand

  • Comprises 8,500+ pages sourced from the Bodleian Library


For Librarians and Researchers

An illustration depicting a computer monitor as a library, with various tiny people around it engaged in research activities. Against the left had side of the image are written the words: Discovery; Searchability; Handwritten Text Recognition; IIIF Image Viewer; Ai & Machine Learning; Counter 5.

British Online Archives is committed to offering a state-of-the-art service for librarians and researchers alike, with:

  • Text and data mining for non-commercial purposes, at no additional cost, and with no need for written requests

  • Improved searching and filtering, with AI machine-learning technology in development

  • A new IIIF-standard image viewer, with enhanced image quality and deep-zoom capability

  • Handwritten text recognition for images in newer collections

  • Contextual essays to introduce collections to new users

  • Discoverability in Primo and Summon at the collection level

  • MARC records for all series and collections

  • COUNTER-5 usage reports via LibLynx.

For more information about British Online Archives, or to arrange a free 30-day institutional trial for any of the collections mentioned above, please contact Bezi at


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