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ISI Emerging Markets Group incorporates both EMIS and CEIC, renowned globally as the leading providers of data, analysis and research for the world's fastest growing and highest potential countries. For over 25 years, they have gone out of their way to gather the very best data and analysis available for emerging markets.

For academic libraries, ISI Emerging Markets Group offers the following e-resources for research into international business, economics, finance, and trade:

  • EMIS University – the world's premium database for research into Emerging Markets

  • CEIC Data University – the most complete set of 5.5+ million time series on all economies worldwide

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EMIS is the world’s premier Emerging Markets Information Service. It operates in and reports on countries where reward goes hand-in-hand with high risk. EMIS offers time-sensitive, hard-to-get, relevant news, research and analytical data, peer comparisons and more for over 140 emerging markets around the world.


Today, EMIS employs nearly three hundred people in 13 countries around the world, catering to nearly 2,000 clients, with over 3 million pieces of business intelligence gathered and produced every day.


Most EMIS staff are based within the emerging markets. This helps to bring an insider’s perspective on these countries, using the relationships EMIS has forged with local providers of news, analysis and data.

EMIS University

Designed especially for researchers and students at academic institutions, EMIS University is a dynamic electronic resource which gathers analysis, data and news on companies, industries and countries in the world’s 147 emerging markets. It offers a collation of time-sensitive, hard-to-get, relevant news, research and data, peer comparisons and analytical tools. All content is licensed from the cream of the world’s macroeconomic experts, the most renowned industry research firms, and the most authoritative news providers. This is combined with EMIS’s own company and M&A research to offer a multi-faceted view of each emerging market.

EMIS Coverage (as of April 2021)

  • 9.3+ million company profiles, 2.3+ million with full financial data

  • 250+ industry sectors

  • 147+ countries

  • 380,000+ research reports per year from 5,700+ publications

  • 150,000+ M&A & ECM deals database

  • 50,000+ news stories uploaded every day

  • 16 languages, including a translation function for all HTML content

Who uses EMIS?

EMIS is utilised worldwide by every type of corporation and institution. Users include:

  • investment bankers;

  • credit risk analysts;

  • management consultants;

  • business development analysts;

  • corporate strategists;

  • private equity investors;

  • government staff in trade, finance and foreign affairs ministries, as well as embassies; and

  • academic researchers, professors and students in economics, finance, international business, and related fields.

Example: The 'Companies' tab in EMIS University

EMIS University

Example: The 'Industries' tab in EMIS University

EMIS University

Example: The 'Countries' tab in EMIS University

EMIS University

Example: The 'Analysis+' tab in EMIS University

EMIS University

For more information about EMIS University, please contact us to request a brochure and a free 30-day trial for your library.


Founded in 1992 by a team of expert economists and analysts, CEIC Data provides the most expansive and accurate data insights into all economies – both developed and developing – around the world. They are now the service of choice for economic and investment research by economists, analysts, investors, corporations, and universities across the globe.

Today, with offices in 18 countries around the world, CEIC Data has formed unique relationships with primary source agencies and organisations in 200+ economies. Their databases offer near real-time updates on statistical information, unprecedented methods of testing data accuracy, and an easy-to-use platform designed with the user in mind. As such, their databases are trusted by 1,100+ companies in 50 countries, including 75% of the top asset management firms.

CEIC Data has set the standard for providing users with economic information they can trust, which is also easy to access, updated almost instantaneously, and implemented by experts on the ground in each country they work with. CEIC Data prides themselves on the quality of their data, the convenience of their databases, and their exceptional customer service.

CEIC Data University

CEIC Data University helps students and researchers alike to navigate the world of macroeconomic data. Users can explore the most complete set of 5.5+ million macroeconomic time series, covering more than 200 economies, 20 industries, and 18 macroeconomic sectors, compiled from 1,500 reputable sources worldwide.

CEIC Data University – datasets

  • Global Database: 3.8+ million time series covering 200+ economies around the globe

  • World Trend Plus: Macroeconomic indicators, comparative data, and standardised benchmarks for 16 world regions

  • Premium Databases: The definitive resources for in-depth understanding the world's most dynamic economies:

    • Brazil: 345,000+ time series

    • Russia: 229,000+ time series

    • India: 479,000+ time series, with time points starting as early as 1951

    • Indonesia: 385,000+ time series

    • China: 344,000+ time series, with time points starting as early as 1949

CEIC Data University

CEIC Data University offers countless data points from millions of time series. Researchers can easily search, identify, curate, and analyse the data points they wish to research:

CEIC Data University

In addition, CEIC Data University offers interactive analytical tools. Below is an example of a heat map within CEIC Data's COVID-19 Outbreak and Impact Monitor:

CEIC Data: COVID-19 Outbreak and Impact Monitor

For more information about CEIC Data University, please contact us to request a brochure and a free 30-day trial for your library.


Contact Bezi today to request further information, pricing, and a free 30-day trial for your institution.


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