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Two Brill authors discuss Nicholas of Cusa on ABC Radio National

Two Brill authors have appeared on a discussion panel on ABC Radio National's Encounter program last Saturday to discuss the 15th century philosopher and theologian Nicholas of Cusa. The program, titled 'Nicholas of Cusa and the Instruction of Ignorance', explored the following concept:

On a slow boat journey from Constantinople to Venice in the early 15th century, scholar and papal diplomat Nicholas of Cusa set modern scientific method in train when he conceived of the value of ignorance as a means towards knowledge. The more one learns of one's unknowing the more learned one is.

The panel included:

A transcript of the discussion and an audio recording can be downloaded from the ABC Radio National website here.

The online edition of Conflict and Reconcilation: Perspectives on Nicholas of Cusa is now available as part of a new ebook collection, Brill's Studies in Intellectual History Online. For further information, please contact Bezi.


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