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Out now: Brill's 2016 ebook collections

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Brill's ebook collections in 2016

Bezi is pleased to announce that Brill's 2016 front-file ebook collections are available now for immediate purchasing in the following subject areas:

  • Asian Studies

  • Biblical Studies, Ancient Near East and Early Christianity

  • Biology

  • Classical Studies

  • European History and Culture

  • Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

  • International Law

  • Language and Linguistics

  • Literature and Cultural Studies

  • Middle East and Islamic Studies

  • Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy

  • Social Sciences.

All collections are available for outright purchase with perpetual access. No DRM, no ongoing fees.

Prices, Discounts and Title Lists

To assist with budget planning for the year ahead, please contact Bezi for the 2016 list prices. Discounts are available to libraries that are members of either CEIRC or ANZTLA.

Partial title lists for all 2016 collections are also available upon request. Around 60% of the planned titles are shown in the current title lists, including ebooks which have already been published or are due to be released in the next few months. Updated title lists will be released periodically throughout the year as more titles are published.

Access and Indexing

All Brill ebook collections are hosted on the Brill Online Books and Journals platform. MARC21 records are provided for each collection, and all ebook titles and chapters are indexed in the major discovery services such as Summon, Primo and EDS.

Authors and Editors from Australia and New Zealand

We are delighted to announce that Brill's 2016 ebook collections feature a number of titles written or edited by Australia and New Zealand's very own researchers, including:

Asian Studies eBook Collection 2016:

  • The Fighting Art of Pencak Silat and its Music: From Southeast Asian Village to Global Movement Ed. Paul H. Mason (University of Sydney)

Biblical Studies, Ancient Near East and Early Christianity eBook Collection 2016:

  • Severus of Antioch: His Life and Times Ed. John D'Alton (Monash University) and Youhanna Youssef (Australian Catholic University)

Literature and Cultural Studies eBook Collection 2016:

  • Australian Fiction as Archival Salvage: Making and Unmaking the Postcolonial Novel A. Frances Johnson (University of Melbourne)

  • A New Scene of Thought: Studies in Romantic Realism Richard Lansdown (James Cook University)

Middle East and Islamic Studies eBook Collection 2016:

  • The Polemical Works of ʿAlī al-Ṭabarī Ed. Rifaat Ebied (University of Sydney)

For more information on Brill's 2016 ebook collections, please contact Bezi today.

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